Feyenoord suporters honored sick fan - 3 days later he died

www.ultras-tifo.netHOLLAND: Last day with Feyenoord for "Rooie Marck".

HOLLAND: Last day with Feyenoord for "Rooie Marck".


It's tradition for Feyenoord supporters to show up at the first training before the new season starts. This year, 26th June, they also honored a big Feyenoord fan, known as 'Rooie Marck'.

Doctors said he only had days left before dying. One of his last wishes was to see Feyenoord one more time.

Friends brought him to the stadium on a stretcher. In the 12th minute fans gathered in the sector VAK Q he usually stood in. A huge banner with Marck was displayed together with green flares and green smoke, which was his favorite color. Supporters started to sing "You'll never walk alone".

Marck used his last energy, stood up and walked towards his fellow supporters. Those picture probably describe more than words:



3 days after this Marck died.

(Before Marck died we made an article about this training, click here to see it).


Videos from the training:


Rest in peace!


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