Derby postponed: Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split 22.11.2014

Croatia: Hajduk Split refused to play the derby when Dniamo didn't let members of Torcida enter the stadium.

The derby between the two biggest Croatian clubs was postponed today in Zagreb when Hajduk Split decided to not play the match.

(Part of Torcida Split on main square in Zagreb before the derby)

Before kick-off Dinamo didn't let 96 members from Torcida (Hajduk Split) access the stadium. None of them have bans from police and courts, they are just on the "black list" of Dinamo Zagreb (same as more than 1500 BBB). Some fans of Hajduk were allowed to attend the match, but in solidarity with rest of the group, they decided to stay outside the stadium.

As a result of the decision by Dinamo, Hajduk Split refused to play the derby!

Torcida members outside the stadium:

This is just one of many strange decisions taken by the Dinamo leader Mamic. For the last years he banned most of the members of Bad Blue Boys from attending their own stadium and away matches.

Just a few days ago Croatian ultras did a big protest against Mamic and their corrupted football federation when they stopped the match Italy vs Croatia.


This doesn't really look like the biggest Croatian derby...

Police all over Zagreb city before the derby. Cars and buses with Hajduk Split supporters stopped and controlled.


This is how Torcida welcomed their team on return to Split after they refused to play derby:

This is definitely a huge scandal for Croatian leaders. Now it will be interesting to see next step by Mamic - the biggest football mafia in Croatia.

Respect to Hajduk Split!