Turkish fans boycott matches due to new ticket system

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www.ultras-tifo.netAuthorities introduced a new ID-ticket system named "passolig".

Authorities introduced a new ID-ticket system named "passolig".

This season the Turkish government introduced a new ID-ticket system named "passolig" to prevent violence and disorder on sports events. This ticket system is similar to "Tessera del tifoso" in Italy and the new ticket system in Hungary.

To attend any matches in Turkish Super League and second league, fans need to register with a new electronic ID card. Information such as full name, date of birth, ID number and so on will be registered in an interface system controlled by the government. Tickets bought for any matches, including season cards, will be loaded to this new ID card.

As a result of this new system nearly all groups and majority of the fans in the two highest football divisions boycott the games this season. Instead some of the groups attend matches of youth teams and similar.

In the lower leagues football goes as normal without the new system.


In April 2014 a big demonstration in Istanbul against the new system ended with riots.




Result of the boycott is empty stadiums:


Some groups started to support their youth teams:


Fans of Karsiyaka gathered outside the stadium to watch their match:


Fans of Samsunspor tried to attend one home match without the new tickets:


Some matches in the lower leagues which is not effected by the new system:

"Without passolig, with passion"


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