Polish ultras appeal to international ultras groups

Ultras unite against police!


On the web site Stadionowioprawcy Polish ultras published appeal to international ultras groups, related to latest tragic event when cops killed supporter in Polish 4th league.

"Dear Brothers, you may notice a disturbing abuse of power in Poland by the uniformed services, especially police. People who are haunting supporters do not assume the consequences of their actions and behavior. The tragic result of this problem was the death of Dawid Dziedzic during the match Concordia - Ruch.

Many of you have seen the actions and support of Polish fans but you do not know how the situation looks like in reality. You can only see the results of our work on our websites but nobody realizes what costs we bear in connection with all of this.

Each trip involves the police provocations, detentions and abuse of power. We are helpless against these behaviors, because nobody is responsible for them. Therefore, we have a huge request to the enthusiasts of our support scene and to our friends from abroad. This weekend (May 9-10) please hang out banners dedicated to the murdered fan and banners condemning actions of the Polish police.

CHWDP is a frequently used acronym of a Polish phrase chuj w dupę policji, meaning literally, "(put a) dick in the police's ass." It's Polish version of ACAB.