Overview of Brazilian clubs: Letter A & B

Photos and info about Brazilian clubs from A-Z.

Despite what much of the mass media might have you believe, there's a very clear distinction between hooliganism and being an Ultra. Football hooligans align with a club for an excuse to cause violence and vandalism. Ultras on the other hand - while not necessarily shy of conflict if provoked - focus upon their sheer allegiance to the club and region they represent. As we'll see from our profiled clubs below the one essential factor that unites these Ultras is a fierce pride for their club, culture and history. Ultras are also all about the party - if they had a chance to win at the Karaoke Party slot at Royal Vegas Casino you'd bet there'd be stiff competition though! We will publish several articles with information about all the big Brazilian clubs. We will do it in alphabetic order and this article is about clubs starting with letter A and B.

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ABC Football club

Small club from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. One time Série C (Third Division in Brazil) champions. Playing now in the Second Division but they were relegated to the Third Division again in 2015.

In 1972 more than 50 000 fans attended one match against Santos.

The most important group is Garra Alvinegra, founded in 1991.

Mainly Friendship with Náutico, Ceará, Paysandu and Goiás.

Very good local derby with América de Natal. Also big hate with Fortaleza.



América de Natal

Small club from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Not long time ago they managed to climb to the First Division where they did a terrible season on the pitch.

In recent times this is probably one of the small clubs with the best support in Brazil.

The most important group is Máfia Vermelha, also founded in 1991.

Mainly Friendship with Fortaleza (very strong relations), Santa Cruz, Remo, Vila Nova and Paraná Clube.

Very good local derby with ABC. Big hate with Ceará and Paysandu.



América Mineiro

Small club from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Second Division champions in 1997.

Nothing special to talk about their support. Very small fanbase.

Main group is Avacoelhada, founded in 1988.

Friendship with América from Rio de Janeiro.

Local derby with Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro.



Atlético Mineiro

From Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. National champion in 1971 and also 2013 Libertadores champion.

Club with very loyal fans, always with a good average attendance.

The most important group is Galoucura, founded in 1984.

Mainly Friendship with Palmeiras, Vasco, Botafogo, Coritiba and Santa Cruz.

Big Derby with another giant club from Belo Horizonte: Cruzeiro. They also have a big hatred against Flamengo.



Atlético Paranaense

Traditional club of Curitiba, Parana. National Champion in 2001 and Libertadores runner-up in 2005.

Probably the club with the most patriots fans in Brazil. Always had a high level support and were practically unbeatable in their old stadium before the new reform for the 2014 World Cup.
The most important group is Os Fanáticos, founded in 1977. They have another group called "Ultras 1992" and both groups hate each other.

Very strong Friendship with Cruzeiro. Also with Vila Nova, Londrina, Fortaleza and Remo.

Mainly derby against Coritiba. Also has a great rivalry with the third team of the city, Paraná Clube.



Avaí FC

Club from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. Third Division champions in 1999. They played several times the First Division in recent years.

Small group of hardcore fans, nothing special to say about them.

The most important group is Mancha Azul, founded in 1995.

Mainly Friendship with Coritiba and Juventude.

Local derby against Figueirense. Bad relations with Joinville and Criciúma.




Great club with great history from Salvador, Bahia. First national champion of Brazilian Football in 1959 and also has another championship in 1988.

They have played very bad for the last 15 years, the worst moment was when they had to participate in the third division in 2006 and 2007.

One of the clubs with the most passionate fans in Brazil. Always with an amazing atmosphere, especially in the 80s.

The most important group is Bamor, founded in 1978. Terror Tricolor, founded in 2004 is also another important group in Bahia. But the oldest group is T.O. Povao, founded in 1975. But now days they are not among the main groups anymore.

Mainly friendship with Santa Cruz, CSA, Vasco, Botafogo, Palmeiras, Atlético Mineiro and Paysandu.

Big local derby with Vitória. Historic rivalry with Sport for being the most successful and most popular clubs in the region.



Botafogo FR

From Rio de Janeiro city, Rio de Janeiro state. Two time national champions in 1968 and 1995. They will return to play in the first division in 2016 after being relegated in 2014 to the second division.

In the 90s Botafogo was known for having very good fighters in the main group, they made a great reputation especially in the famous "baile funk" quite popular in Rio de Janeiro.

Torcida Jovem Botafgo, founded in 1969, was for a long time the most famous group of Botafogo. They are highly respected in Brazil although they are not as strong as before.

Furia Jovem Botafogo, founded in 2001 is the main group of Botafogo today. The two groups have some problems on account of their friendships with different groups of other teams from out of state

Torcida Jovem Botafogo mainly friendships are: Vasco, Palmeiras, Grêmio and Atlético Mineiro.

Furia Jovem Botafogo mainly friendships are: Coritiba, Náutico, Bahia and very good relationship with Corinthians.

Main enemies are Flamengo and Fluminense. Historic rivalry with Santos for reasons inside and outside of football.



Brasil de Pelotas

Small club from Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Best achievement was a third-place in the first division in 1985. Third most popular team in the state, and the club with the most fans among small teams.

Always had a support above average compared to other teams of the same level.

Main group is Máfia Xavante, founded in 1991.

One of the groups have good connection with fans Atletico Goianiense and  Internacional, but no big friendship.

Local derby with Pelotas.



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