Cultura de Bancada: Interview with Ultras-Tifo

ultras tifo interview

Cultura de Bancada: UT Interview

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Interview: From Polish capo to English coach

interview capo poland 1

First Polish football manager in the English Football League!

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Video interview with Tiger Head from Indonesia

tiger heads

Indonesia: Interview with "Tiger Head"

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Interview with Ultras Levski (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Bulgaria: Interview with the ultras from Sector A of Levski Sofia

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Interview with the Sparta Prague capo

youth firm ac sparta interview

Support leader and member of Youth Firm

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Interview with capo of Green Monsters, Ferencvaros

Hungary: Interview with Ferencvaros ultras capo.

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Video: Interview with Kop of Boulogne (PSG)

psg int

France: Interview with KoB

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Video interview with Lauta Army, Lokomotiv Plovdiv


Lauta Army, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Video interview - Russian hooligans about Euro 2016

Russian hooligans talking about their time in France

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Video interview with The Birmingham Zulus

The Zulus firm

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