European Cup 2016 qualifications: October 2014

www.ultras-tifo.netEC 2016: Qualifications matches played between 9th - 14th October.

EC 2016: Qualifications matches played between 9th - 14th October.


Poland - Germany

No special show by any of the sides. Photos show the away fans:


Armenia - Serbia

"Karabakh is Armenian, Kosovo is Serbian".


Cyprus - Israel

Protest against the new fan card system in Cyprus.


Wales - Bosnia-Herzegovina


Belarus - Ukraine


Derogatory song about Putin.


Sweden - Russia

According to our sources police stopped an arranged fight between fans of Hammarby and Zenit.


Albania - Denmark


Bulgaria - Croatia

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Romania - Hungary

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Finland - Greece




Italy - Azerbaijan


Moldova - Austria

Home fans showed a stolen banner from the Austrian fans. Two lads from Salzburg then went to the home stand to get it back!


Russia - Moldova

"Pride of the nation"


Poland - Scotland

Stolen flags from the Scottish fans:

3600 Scots present in Poland:

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Belgium


Serbia - Albania

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At the same time thousands of fans watched the match in the streets of Prishtina:


Finland - Romania


Malta - Italy


Norway - Bulgaria

FIFA president Sepp Blatter attended this match. Norwegian ultras wrote "Blatter = Mafia" on a banner, but police removed it quickly.


Croatia - Azerbaijan


Austria - Montenegro


Ukraine - Macedonia


Armenia - Serbia


Estonia - England


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