10 years ULTRAS-TIFO.net | 24.12.2004 - 24.12.2014

10th Anniversary ULTRAS-TIFO.net

So, here we are 10 years after the start of ULTRAS-TIFO


Officially Ultras-Tifo started 24th of December 2004. Ultras-Tifo was created by 2 Portuguese brothers - Sporting CP supporters, from where we got our green&white colors. Sadly they didn't had time enough to continue with the site, so shortly after the start we took control and continued with Ultras-Tifo.


The Forum

At the beginning UT was just a forum where supporters from Europe, and later from all over the World, could share info and multimedia. First year was hard, such as every start, but then the forum started to be more and more popular and now days we have more than 35,000 registered members who wrote more than 637,000 posts!


Forum screenshot from 1st Sep. 2006 | Full size image here


Forum screenshot from 16th Sep. 2008 | Full size image here


The Site

The website were launched 6th Dec. 2007.

Yeah, we won't lie - it was not that good looking and far away from the best site. But we managed to work with it, get better designs, better sources and now (after what we believe) UT is a very great world wide portal for football fanatics.

There are new articles coming online every single day!


The Social Media

Our Facebook page were created 8th November 2009. Twitter in July 2011 and Vkontakte (Russian version of Facebook) on Apr. 19th 2014. On these 3 places we have total of 463,000 followers, which makes us the biggest community for football fanatics (ultras, hooligans, tifo-lovers and so on).



- Most read publication - over 150,000 view is the 100th Anniversary of Hajduk Split. You can see it here.
- Most seen gallery - over 350,000 views is the Photos of sexy football girls. You can see it here.
- Most people online during one day - 48,416
- Most people online on forum at the same time  - 6,266
- Average people (unique) to visit the website daily - 17,000
- Average impressions (pages viewed) on the website monthly - 900,000 times (statistic for 2014 only)
- Top viewed post on our Facebook page is the video of the fight between Croats and Mexicans during World Cup 2014. Screenshot is from July, until then more than 800,000 people viewed the video, video itself got organic Facebook reach to more than 1,550,000 people. Liked, commented on and shared more than 30,000 times in total.


Media's about UT

During the years a lot of Ultras Magazines and well known newspapers wrote or mentioned Ultras Tifo. Among them are the names of Blickfang Ultra - Most popular German fanzine! And even The Wall Street Journal (newspaper) had a interview with us about the supporter scene in USA vs Europe.


UT actions

As a big tribune that is followed by many people, it's sometimes our duty to speak for other supporters.

There is plenty examples of when we write about problems other fans have, example new ticket system in Hungary, Turkey and Italy.

Other examples is articles about "Speziale Libero", which was very successful. Now we wrote about the purposely wrong arrested fans of Besiktas and Christmas/New Year charity by other groups.


Thanks to all of you who follow Ultras-Tifo.net, and especially to everybody who help with photos, videos and information.

Also a big thank to our team of Moderators on our Forum!


Photos from our 10th anniversary party in Budapest: