Top 10 most popular articles in 2020

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Most read articles on our web site in year 2020

2020 was probably the worst year in history for ultras movement. Due to the Covid-10 pandemic football totally stopped in March in almost whole world (cheers to Belarus!). After few months of break we got our favorite game back but without fans on the stands or with restrictions in some countries (30%  stadium capacity). Then came Autumn and even those restrictions were removed, but not in good way, and now in almost all world football is played behind closed doors. Worst thing ever! What is football without fans? Nothing!

Oh, we must not forget to mention that Euro 2020 was canceled...

Bad year for our movement reflected also on our web site. We didn't have almost nothing to report about so the web sites visits were very low.

Anyway, this is the list with top 10 most read articles in 2020. Lets hope new year will be much better. FCK2020


1. Crvena Zvezda - Partizan 01.03.2020 (25k hits)


2. Slavia Praha – Sparta Praha 08.03.2020 (22k hits)


3. Hooligans: Pécsi MFC - Cibalia Vinkovci 08.02.2020 (21k hits)


4. MEMORIES: Poland - Romania 06.09.1995 (20k hits)


6. Olympiakos - Dinamo Zagreb 04.11.2015 (19.5k hits)


7. Movie ''Ultras'' now available on Netflix (19k hits)


8. One supporter killed in Thessaloniki 05.01.2020 (18.5k hits)


9. Torcida Split 70th birthday celebration (18.4k hits)


10. Atlas - Guadalajara 08.03.2020 (17k hits)