Fuck Euro 2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netWhy hate Euro 2012?

Why hate Euro 2012?

Euro 2012 kicks off in Poland 8th of June. Poland and Ukraine will be invaded by fans from all over Europe, ready to spend their money and fill all the new big stadiums.


First it sounds great, but then you might noticed there is an on going protest called "Fuck Euro 2012".

Short explained: Euro 2012 brought huge repression against Polish and Ukrainian supporters.


New strict rules are made for football supporters in the hosting countries. Huge fines, lot of arrests and bans has been the result for many supporters during the last months before Euro 2012 starts. Often for things which were "ok" a year or two ago in and around football stadiums. Governments made campaign to "delete" Ultras and Hooligans from attending football.


Beside of all the new rules, arrests and fines, Poland and Ukraine also got several new big modern stadiums. Before you could see lot of "old school" stadiums. Concrete stands, steal fences and not many facilities. All Euro 2012 matches will now be played in huge stadiums covered in colored plastic, all seater stadiums, plexiglass, lot of cameras, lot of small sectors with emergency exits everywhere (Not allowed to stand in stairs), and if you hungry you can eat popcorn like in a cinema or visit the supermarket under your stand.

You will now longer be able to see the art of Ultras with their many banners covering all the fences. It's not allowed to hang them up now, as the flags and banners will cover for all the sponsors who payed million's to get their company name on a fence. Try to light a flare to improve the atmosphere and you will be hunted as terrorist as well getting your face zoomed by tons of security cameras. If you still not sick of this you can visit one of the games, but be prepared to pay for an over-priced ticket!


Lechia Gdansk - new vs old stadium:

What do you prefer?



We got translated one article from kibice.net:

Journalists, team's crews, footballers and wide public opinion (together with "real" fans) are shocked. Shocked completely and deeply, because now we see that "kibole" (kibole is ironic name of fanatic fans used by media in Poland) don't care about Euro 2012. How is it ? The biggest event since Congress of Gniezno, real occasion for all region, half million fans of football from whole continent, and then groups are hanging banners "fuck euro" ?! The scale of surprise can be clear measurer of medial and social ignorance in football.

Because why should we be happy ? First "symptoms" of euro hit us strongly. I think everyone remember big defeat of Euro 2012 project, which has been ruthlessly showed on Polish stadiums. As only one group we had brave and possibilities to say - new objects are hopeless, there are no roads, high road is comedy and state of the economy - saying softly - is not good.

Anyway new stadiums is nothing nice. Monitoring, no sectors for away fans, everywhere stewards and 2-level stands. It's nothing connected with our Polish legendary climate which was making admiration of rest of Europe. Even if we will forgive destroying of our lovely stadiums and replacing them by supermarkets, you can't forget how fateful in result was our disagree against success propaganda. "

Chuj z gospodark±, chuj z bezrobociem, najwa¿niejsza jest kara za transparent na p³ocie" (fuck economy, fuck unemployment, the most important is penalty for banner on the fence) - this is not fiction but real reaction of authorities for criticism from the side of defiant stands. Hateful campaign, started several years before the euro last till today, making bigger circles, and a crossing next borders of absurdity.

High judgments, limiting the freedom of speech, it's only the top of the iceberg, where the basis is changing the mentality of fans, destroying from the inside just like criminal groups, deprive the leaders and possibility of meetings like for example on manifestations, which are immediately secured by police. In front of the cameras they are talking about many facilities for fans, zones where you can get drunk by alcohols and repaired (hmm) roads, somewhere in the shadow is fight for stands, where they are using all possible weapons: surveillance, tracking, fabricating evidence - and also direct coercion, bruises at Staruch (Legia capo), pepper spray and ultra new police's armor. In the background of big event there are dramas of unfair convicted and only one glad in 100% people is our government and their supporters who are saying "don't destroy this holiday by complaining".

"Fuck euro" is not only typical fans mentality. That this tournament is not for us we knew for several months. This slogan is first of all a symbol of pissed off ordinary Polish people from whom taxes was made almost nothing. Subcontractors who should get rich on this event and make our economy better from new contracts are not getting money. Government is happy because during the auctions many of government's members got rich and main executives are happy because often they are receiving extra money even if all plans are years from final realization. Zaglêbie Lubin fans are singing: "na co nam to euro, na co te stadiony, w kraju bêdzie kryzys, Tusku pierdolony” (for what we have this euro, for what are this stadiums, in country will be crisis, you fucking Tusk) Tusk is Polish prime minister.

Euro will bring us only loss for fans, for Polish people. That's why our disinterest of euro-farce among our supporters brothers is normal thing, resulting from viewing reality, analysis of incomes and loss and looking deeper than screen of tv which shows only government propaganda in TVN24. (TVN24 it's big left wing, pro-government channel).

You can read more at www.kibice.net




Some examples of what we talk about:

- Police has started to arrest known hooligans without evidences. One of them is a known lad from Legia Warszawa.
Arrests were made at the direction of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, which had previously informed about the arrest of 37 people.
According to unofficial information, the detained persons are linked to criminal groups involved in such extortion, drug trafficking and "beatings".


- Lech Poznan supporters started their protests against Euro 2012 last summer when their team had to play for closed doors.
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- Police took finger prints of used flares and checked for DNA after supporters of Lech Poznan used pyro during a match before winter. Club were also fined 4500 euro.
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- Police entered Jagiellonia ultras sector and arrested their capo because insulting songs(!) against away fans during a match in August 2011.
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- Ukrainian Ultras with campaign "Leave your human rights at home, electric shock doesn't need them"
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- Polonia Warszawa fans fought with security who tried to remove a flag. Delegate from Polish football federation (ex-communist) told security to remove a flag with text "Down with the communism".
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Some more actions against Euro 2012:

"We meet on Euro"


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