Top 10 most popular articles in 2011

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What you read: Top 10 most popular articles on Ultras-Tifo in year 2011


At the end of year 2011 we took a look at our web site statistic. This year was very good for Ultras-Tifo. We had much more visits than last years, currently average number of unique visitors per day is 11 000! :)

During this year we have published over 400 articles, and here we gonna list top 10 most popular.

Absolute winner is article about Hajduk Split 100 years celebration. We were first international portal that reported about that impressive celebration and many web sites, forums, newspapers took photos and info from us. Article collected 135 000 hits and over 8000 likes on Facebook! Fantastic :)

After that you clicked mostly on galleries and general articles that are always present in right menu (like "Ultras from A to Z" ) but we will skip them on this top list and focus only on news articles:

1. Hajduk Split 100 years celebration 135k hits

2. Poland: Football fans against government 29k hits

3. Hajduk Split - Dinamo Zagreb 10.09.2011 27k hits

4. Bass Bass Hardbass 25k hits

5. Polish cup final: Lech - Legia 03.05.2011. 23k hits

6. Zamalek - Enppi 11.10.2011 (Egypt cup final) 22k hits

7. Fight between Grobari 21k hits

8. Wiener derby suspended 21k hits

9. 15 000 square meters big flag! 19k hits

10. BBB camping in front of the Dinamo stadium 17k hits

Happy New Year!