Overview of Italian clubs: Letter N & O

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Photos and info of Italian clubs from A - Z.

In this article we give you a review of clubs starting with letter N or O.




One the most important Italian clubs with many million fans all over the country and probably the biggest ultras base with two ultras stands (behind both goals).
The club of Maradona, played also in 3rd level for two season ten years ago.

Many historic groups: Ultras born in Curva B with Fedayn, Blue lions (now Vecchi Lions in Curva A) and Commando Ultra' (now Ultras 72). Many guys don't like how Curva B was managed, too much business and not much violence, therefore some moved to Curva A in late 80's. That resulted in many new groups like Masseria, Mastiffs, Bronx, Teste Matte, Brigata Carolina etc.

Friendship with Genoa since 1982 and for Mastiffs also Ancona and Loko Plovdiv. Also good relations with Catania (Curva A), Palermo (curva B) and respect with Taranto.

Almost all Ultras in rest of Italy hate them very much. Biggest rivals are Verona, Roma, Lazio, Milan, Juventus, Inter, Atalanta, Fiorentina, Bari, Cagliari etc.
Totally apolitical, both stand.

Napoli - Bologna 80/81

Napoli - Udinese 85/86




Really a very small scene from small town near Terni, now club is playing in 5th level.
Historic group Vecchia Fossa was born in '92.
Local derbies with Foligno, Gubbio and Bastia Umbra.




From Caltanisetta,Sicily. Very small club that usually played in local leagues and this summer failed so no football anymore.
Historic group was Brigate Ultra' born in '78.
Friendship with Licata and Trapani.
Local derby with Sancataldese.




City near Salerno, south of Italy. They used to play in 3rd and 4th division, but also three times in Serie B (last time in 2011/12), now they are in 3rd division again.
Historic groups are Bothers '87, South Warriors, Massive, EAM etc.
Friendship with Turris, recently with Bologna (only Ex-Mods), good relation with Catanzaro.
Many local derbies with Cavese, Salernitana, Paganese, Benevento, Juve Stabia, Savoia etc.

Nocerina - Juve Stabia 85/86




City between Milan and Turin. Club with good history and many seasons in Serie A, but from 1977 to 2010 they played in 3rd and 4th division, now they play in Serie B.
Historic group was Legione born in '83 but ultras were present also before in the 70's. Other groups are Zoo, Novarasta etc.
Friendship with Rimini.
Local derby against Pro Vercelli and rivals are Alessandria, Pro Patria and Varese.




Small city in Sardinia, club played more than 20 years in 4th level but recently failed and now they are in 5th division.

Historic groups was Brigate Bianche born in '87 and Boys.
Friendship with Nuorese and good relation with Cagliari and Catanzaro.
Local derby against Tempio, Sassari Torres and Alghero.




Small town near Ancona, they played some season in 4th level in the early 80's but now they are in the 8th division.
Historic group was Armata Ultra'.
Friendship with Tolentino.
Local rivals are Maceratese and Jesina.


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